”For family there is nothing as precious as time.“ Anonymous


Mallorca Property Concierge was created as a service to satisfy all elements of the second home purchasing process.

Prior to establishing the business Julian had over ten years of luxury international property experience having worked as an associate partner for the largest privately owned estate agency in the world and then went on to own and run his own agency on the island.

So his understanding of luxury international real estate, property value, negotiations, deal progression, legals and all the multiple intricate layers of diplomacy and mediation required to get the best result for his client was already second to none.

Michelle came at things from a completely different angle having spent her career prior to establishing the business as a management consultant focusing on luxury brands. She looks at the commercialisation of a product through the eyes of the consumer and how to make the heart and head equally satisfied.

So their combined skill sets allowed their clients to get all their needs met through their carefully designed process.

Their last six years has been spent doing nothing but delivering on their client’s mandates day in and day out so their expertise is doing exactly what the business set out to do. 
Michelle manages the first piece of the process unpicking what makes the client tick, what their dreams are, how they spend their holidays, what the heart of what they are looking for is. She then matches that to the island in an extremely unique way.

After the brief is set Julian and Michelle always look at every house together. For each client they can look at up sixty houses, while the client will never see more than eight and normally only six.

They look at every detail of the house and only once a house has past all their joint analysis and investigation will they present it to the client. 
Michelle writes full reports working always as a consultant and always bringing every house back to brief – although she is quite famously known for her wild cards resulting in being the right thing for her clients!

Once they are ready and they have sourced what they truly believe is the best the island has to offer they have the clients on island. 
After the house is decided on the client is handed over to Julian for negotiations and he works on every details from this point with the right professional team to bring keys safely into the right hands.

They will then both work with you to manage all after sales care – interviews for staff, black books of where to shop, rental management companies, each and every last detail of what you may need.

Please do get in touch with Michelle today to start your island journey...