A professional service run with enviable knowledge of both Mallorca and property. The best property buying consultancy in Mallorca.


Mallorca Property Concierge is the only true buying agent on the island of Mallorca. We purchase on average 60 million euros worth of real estate a year on behalf of our clients.

Independently owned and remunerated by the buyer we represent clients without compromise. We are a success-based business, taking no money upfront and operating with a 100% success record. Mallorca is where we call home and there isn’t a corner or pocket we don’t know inside out. Our network is truly incomparable. 


A buying agent, or search agent as they can be known, is not an estate agent. They do not sell property or take any money from the sale of properties. They hold no stock and are solely focussed on sourcing the right property for each individual client against their specific mandate.

We embark on every commission we receive from scratch, because each and every client is different. The subtleties that make up individuals, families and their dreams are always unique. 

We are an independent company and work on every brief ourselves. With clients mandates taking us to each and every corner we understand the island wide market in a way that no one else does.

We buy more real estate than any other individual company and know the market better than anybody else. With this buying power we are able to give weight and an edge to our clients purchase that is simply impossible to achieve as an individual. 


All client briefs are met with a wealth of current property knowledge; knowledge of what is and is not possible across the island. We view on average 30 houses for each brief, but have been known to view over 80 for just one client as we know there are no limits when it comes to fulfilling the dream.

It is in using this insight into the true needs of clients, our combined knowledge of property and the island, along with our network and abundance of experience, that we are able to source the absolute best the island has to offer.


Michelle’s role within the business is to understand the intricacies of each clients’ needs and wants, translating them into solid investments, which in turn, make truly wonderful holiday homes.

Julian takes over the lead as soon as homes are chosen. Having spent his entire career prior to establishing Mallorca Property Concierge as an international estate agent, he knows every negotiation tool required to get clients the best deal on their property.

They are both extremely focused and commercial and this exceptionally rare combination is what makes their business achieve the results it does.


Each brief is as important as the last, as our business is largely based on referrals within very private networks. Client confidentially is of the upmost importance and we never discuss or PR any purchases made.

We only take on a limited number of briefs at any one time and only mandates that are truly achievable. This enables us to provide the dedicated service, resource and backing that our clients deserve.

This luxury service comes with a minimum fee and a minimum budget, operating only in the higher end of the market from One Million Euros plus.


Our bounty of practice allows us to secure the optimum possible price and terms for our clients every time. We manage every detail of each acquisition through to its successful completion, allowing you to genuinely relax and enjoy the excitement of the journey.

Mallorca Property Concierge do not manage relocation or rentals and are faithful to what we call the ultimate luxury purchase - the second home. 

Please do get in touch to discuss your island dream. We would be delighted to make it a reality for you…