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As private buying agents we take the confidentiality of our clients profoundly seriously.


We are unable to show you recently bought properties or give you previous clients details. 

However, here are a few facts about the business and just a few of the lovely testimonials we have been given over the years:

  • We buy on average 75 million euros worth of property every year on behalf of our clients.

  • As a company, we have the highest independent buying power across the island – simply through number and value of transactions.

  • We save our clients our fee +10% within the transaction 98% of the time. *There are always going to be times when the asking price is the right price to pay for the property. 

  • Well over 50% of our clients are now referrals from previous clients. We have delivered every serious brief we have been given and have a 100% success rate.


"On the first day, I spoke to Michelle while trying to negotiate on her non-negotiable fee I will never forget that she told me - today is the only day they will seem expensive to you and she wasn't wrong! They do everything and they give everything. I have never experienced a service in any area of my life like the one I got from Michelle and Jules. They are impeccable and relentless and professional and simply brilliant at what they do. They work harder than anyone I have ever come across and they deliver on everything. They found me what I thought was impossible house wise and then they, gave me even more - the best architect, a housekeeper, a plot to develop the house further - they never stop. They answer their phone day and night and there isn't a problem they don't solve or consider not theirs to do so. I have never come across two people who have more commercial ethics and more passion, more care and more knowledge in my career and frankly, it is unquestionable that they are the best at what they do."


"Michelles ability to read and understand my dream and what I wanted is something I will never be able to get my head around how she does - its like magic - she talked to everyone in the family, did homework with us and then went away and found us our dream house. We didn't know what it looked like, we didn't know what we wanted, but through a few conversations and one exercise, she did!! Jules then manages the negotiation and transaction incredibly smoothly and now it is home and I cannot believe how lucky we are. It is all thanks to them and I can never thank them enough. We were referred to Jules and Michelle and I am so grateful for that as Iknow I would not even know the village I am in, let alone the house without them - it is magic what they do, pure magic..."


"Julians and Michelle's energy is never ending, their knowledge is your power and from the minute you talk to them you relax and just feel grateful they are your team. They give you 100% of them, 100% of the time - they tell you that when you talk to them, but they really mean it - they really care, it means so much to them that you love where you end up and that the house is what it should be, that the view is the one you dream of from home - Michelle talks about this a lot. Then they want the transaction to be right and then the cleaner to be right and the gardener to be right and that the lifestyle is right. You feel their passion every step of the way and it just makes every part of the journey wonderful. They are the fountain of Mallorca knowledge and they simply put out information and passion at you from the minute you engage and it's a pleasure every step of the way. Their heart went into finding our home and we feel that in it every time we are there.



"I will never forget the moment for the rest of my life the day Michelle showed me my holiday for the first time. She took my imagination, crazy words that I said over the phone and somehow she translated it into a reality and then 3 weeks later I was standing in it and I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. Now its home thanks to Jules and his relentless negotiations and transaction management."

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"Michelle and Jules are as legendary as we were told they were if not more. From the minute they say yes to taking on your brief - it's a whirlwind of excitement. Michelle takes you through a debrief of your needs and wants and then does this amazing thing where out of the other end comes 6 houses that all look like you imagined they would or some don't, but then when you see them they look even better. They viewed 60 houses for us I think and we saw only 6. We were terrified we would want to buy all 6, but they assured us we wouldn't everyone knows which one is theirs is by the end. They told us we will wake up the morning after we get home and know and they were right of course. After we woke up back in the UK and decided on our home Jules negotiated an amazing deal and then ran the transaction through and it's now home and it's more than we ever dreamed it could be. Without them we would be in a bog standard holiday home - I don't know how they do what they do - but I know 4 or 5 their clients and they have done the same for all them - like movie stuff - dream stuff.. incredible!!"


"Never even attempt to buy a holiday home in Mallorca without Mallorca Property Concierge - it makes no sense to do. If you are spending over a million euros, don't even consider to do without using Jules and Michelle. They find the best there is, they know everyone, and everywhere and they make the journey so special and so brilliant and so memorable and so safe. You don't know what you are missing. They are the best and they find the impossible.



"Michelle and Julian are relentless, passionate, commercial and they really really care. Our whole house purchase was made possible because of them, we wouldn't know the area, the house, the management company - nothing without them. They make everything possible."


"We had never been to Mallorca when we spoke to MPC - Michelle reassured that with her clients that was normal, so she talked to me about what we liked to do, how we spend time as a family and who we were and she literally matched us to the island. Then real estate followed. We worked together online working through her getting to know us as a family through exercises and me feeding back on pictures and scenes and then she went away and worked 4 weeks later we came to Mallorca. We stayed in the hotel she told us to, we ate in the restaurants she booked for us and in the daytimes we went to the see the houses they lined up for us and her and Jules showed us all the beaches, the little villages, the ports the supporting areas and the end of the three days we knew our new home and we were in love. We had chosen our new home and Jules was negotiating and it was all set.. Michelle has a way of taking information from your brain and translating into Mallorca reality and where you fit. Their combined knowledge of their island and how it suits people is nothing short of amazing and their fun and energy to be with through the journey and introduction on this adventure, the way they respect the adventure you are on is just divine."


"For all the beauty of all the work they do, for which I am grateful, their commercial knowledge, the fact they are entrepreneurs, real estate experts, professionals, people who understand money, assets, investments - this safety, this is what pushes them over the edge for me, their head and heart balance. They are passionate, they do deliver the dream, but they are smart and, they fight and they know the market, they know the commercials, they know and understand values.  They are consultants, not personal shoppers, these are professionals."