”Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…“ Henry David Thoreau


The business is now six years old and Julian and Michelle are exceptionally well versed in it.

The only two things they demand from their clients are:

1. Their 100% commitment to Mallorca and to the purchase of a holiday home.
2. That they follow the process to the letter.

They will do the rest.

As you will now have read they work very much like property consultants in their approach.

They treat areas and property almost equally and know that the location and the supporting life it delivers for your holiday is as important as the piece of real estate. So this has a great deal of focus and gets reported on through the process with everything from a beach to a restaurant being considered.

Mallorca Property Concierge’s autonomy matched with their personal networks allows them to search island wide with no limitations. This along with their strong confidentiality rules gives them access to a wealth of private property unavailable on the open market, along with first refusal on a number of exclusive private residences.

Stage One: Mandate

The first stage of the process is signed twelve-month mandate, which secures all elements of the commercial relationship.

Stage Two: Homework

Once this is signed you are put straight to work by Michelle on your homework.

This is an exercise that she has carefully designed, that gets tweaked for each specific client allowing you and her to become acquainted and for the intricate details of your dream residence to be understood.

This allows couples and families to each put forward their ideals, all wants and needs are discussed, where the compromises are is understood, what imaginations have created is visualised and how you and all the family want to live and spend time in the new holiday home is pinned down.

Michelle takes all of this and then tells you where they can give you more, what else there might be, what you might not have thought of and where the island best suits you.

This exercise allows you to start to understand more about the island and Michelle and Julian to understand more about you. From here they can start to look at things through your eyes and truly defend all your dreams.

Stage Three: Search

With understandings firmly established they launch a full search of the best the island has to offer. They consider everything from location, to price, to sellers position, imagination, fit, purpose, commercials and at all times refer back to the brief that was clarified together in homework.

This is of course the biggest part of their job, relentless searching each and every pocket, exploring every contact and delving as deep as necessary to get the job done. Nothing is ever missed.

The commercials of the business work on success and so Julian and Michelle will push every brief beyond its limits to ensure they fulfil it to the best of their ability.

Every house is previewed and property is ruled in and out on a daily basis until they have a firm list of the right property to present to the client.

The final list of properties will then be presented and trips booked.

Stage Four: Island time

In this trip all the hard work until this point will be demonstrated and all the feedback and understandings will be made clear with the delivery of your shortlist.

Clients will come to island for two to three days depending on their timing ability, what has been sourced and what is being offered.

Michelle will send a list of where to book for everything from hotels to restaurants to ensure you are making the most of every moment of your trip.

A usual case will be that two areas will be played off against each other and the best of both will be presented.

You will be shown areas as well as real estate - each option will have a package that is proposed.

Julian and Michelle will exhaust their clients driving them around and presenting what they have found over two intense days explaining each and every detail as they go.

The third day will be reserved for second viewings and admin meetings.

Stage Five: Closing

The final stage is choosing the property. Clients always find this easier than they think – that’s the beauty of the process. Ultimately there is always one house.

To date Michelle and Julian have a 100% record.

On choosing the right property, Julian manages all negotiations to achieve the best price and terms possible.

Then once offers are accepted Julian manages the deal through to a successful completion managing the full professional team and each and every last detail.

It is that easy!!

Stage Six: After Sales

Michelle and Julian of course are then on hand to manage whatever you may need to make sure you start to enjoy your new holiday home as quickly as possible.

They interview possible staff for the house, provide lists of where to shop, where to eat, find you everything from builders to handymen, rental managers to gardeners.

There isn't a question they wont answer or a time of day they wont talk to you..

Michelle and Julian's extensive professional & personal experience allows them to deliver a service that is poles apart from anything else.

Please do get in touch to let Michelle and Julian realise your dream.