”How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterwards.“ Spanish Proverb


In their journey of running Mallorca Property Concierge Michelle and Julian established Menorca Property Concierge, which is solely focused on large farms and estates on the beautiful island of Menorca.

Menorca is able to deliver property that is unique within Europe. The estates on offer are unparallelled and suit a very special client.

The process of the business works exactly as that of Mallorca, only the commercials differ slightly to recognise the time it takes to secure these extraordinary types of property.

Having managed a number of demanding searches on the island they now know it like their second home!

Their ability to navigate it for clients is extremely rare matching their commercial understanding of second home real estate, the Balearics as a whole and knowing exactly where the magical points of the island are that deliver on its absolute innocence and beauty to the maximum.

Should you be interested in a property on the island of Menorca please go to Menorca Property Concierge or simply get in touch.